December 2017 — June 2019
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The BRIIA Startup Accelerator Program develops companies with an early prototype into companies that are ready for investment by sophisticated investors.

You can see the companies that have completed the BRIIA Startup Accelerator Program here and our current cohort here. You'll find some pretty interesting founders and companies that are powering the future with AI-driven innovations.

The BRIIA Startup Accelerator Program is a rigorous structured experience. Carefully selected companies get personal attention. The full power of the BRIIA Mentor Network is brought to bear. In the end a potent Category King emerges.

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Many Industries

De-risked investments

We vet the companies we accept into our Startup Accelerator Program to ensure that the product and company will truly leverage the awesome potential of leading-edge AI/ML technologies to create competitive differentiators.

Whether your investment focus is on a particular industry or looking for industry diversification, BRIIA's Startup Accelerator Program graduates may be of interest to you. We accept only the best high-growth, early-stage companies, without a bias for one industry or another.

Our mission is to produce companies that are worthy of your investment. At Program completion, our accelerated companies will have taken substantial steps to de-risk their businesses and are prepared to execute a strategic fundraising process.

Our 13-week Accelerator Program is designed to convert "two-people and a prototype" into a category-leading, fundable startup. We welcome quality AI-powered startups from any industry or market segment that, among other criteria, meet our rigorous test of truly applying these technologies to create competitive moats.

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AI is changing everything and having profound impacts on business, our world and our daily lives. There are great opportunities in many industries - from healthcare to hiring to the way we fulfil the dream of affordable housing.

Les Schmidt, co-founder

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