BRIIA's Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator™ workshops empower corporate product development teams to conquer new markets and launch bold new products with higher confidence and lower risk.

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Startup Thinking

Are you launching a new product? Attacking a new market? A startup mentality is your friend. Move fast, iterate, remove risk. We help your teams think like a startup. more...

The future of every Startup depends on getting it right and your new market initiatives are no different. If you are betting on a new product to turbocharge your growth, you want that product to be a success. BRIIA's Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator gets your product, marketing, and leadership teams thinking and building like a startup. We infuse teams with the entrepreneurial tools they need, ensuring they find the right customers and deliver the right product - faster.

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Proven Approach

When you work with BRIIA, you work directly with successful, repeat entrepreneurs who have been there, done that. They've started companies and scaled them. They've even launched products at Fortune 500 companies. more...

They are masters at moving teams forward through the product definition process, business model creation, and go-to-market strategy development. BRIIA's founders and experts have helped companies scale - across industries, markets, and continents.

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Artificial Intelligence Built-In

Is your competitor using AI? Wondering how AI can help you beat the competition? With our tools and frameworks, your team can build an AI-powered competitive advantage into their product . more...

You have tons of data that you could leverage, but without a clear AI strategy, your company will be left behind. We keep your new product/market initiatives relevant with a specific plan to integrate your company's data.

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Innovation is inherently risky. BRIIA de-mystifies risk and helps teams identify and de-risk their riskiest assumptions. more...

We provide a structured process for resolving each risk and always focus on the riskiest elements of your project first. The result is a growing confidence that your project is going to be successful or an early indication that it is not worth pursuing.


Powerful, Expert Network

We bring our network of experienced entrepreneurs and professionals to your project. Startups leverage the wisdom of that network and you can too! more...

BRIIA's mission is to connect innovation with the people and resources that bring that innovation to life. Our growing network of experts is fully available to you and your teams. In addition, teams that participate in our Founder program get exposed to innovators in other industries, enriching and stretching the boundaries of what might be possible.

Learn more about our specific programs here.

Ready to tailor a BRIIA Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator for your new product initiative? Email BRIIA co-founder and Executive Director Les Schmidt ([email protected]) or call us at 877-274-4246.