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These category-leading companies completed a BRIIA Accelerator Program. Their Founders are busy creating the future.

Here's what they had to say about their BRIIA experience.

Company profiles

General Business AI Advanced Accelerator - Fall 2022

EMPEQ logo
Built Environment Insights
America needs to decarbonize 7,800 buildings every day for the next 28 years if we are to reach our 2050 climate goals – the first step in each of these projects is on-site data collection of existing infrastructure. EMPEQ’s SaaS product captures and digitizes data in the built environment. In our beachhead market of field engineers, the solution improves efficiency rates on site audits by up to 80% and provides previously scarce atomic-level equipment data. The product’s native intelligence and growing body of data delivers the crucial built environment insight needed by an ageing energy infrastructure struggling to reduce consumption and greenhouse gases.

iCompaas logo
Automated Cybersecurity Strategy
In the U.S. today, 1 million businesses do not have a cybersecurity strategy. Without a strategy, they are risking their very existence to hackers. iCompaas automates the development of tailored cybersecurity strategies for small and medium businesses who can't afford a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Our CISObot.ai product uses cloud meta-data to generate a real-time view of cybersecurity architecture, so our customers know where they stand. Our automated security and compliance software finds and remediates policy violations. iCompaas' bespoke cybersecurity strategies include Automated Questtionnaire Response, Pen Testing & Remediation and access to a fractional CISO marketplace.

Culturally Responsive Interactions
We live in an increasingly multi-cultural and highly diverse society, and yet, our children are woefully unprepared to enter this world. UNYTUS embeds multicultural learning into academic subjects like English Language arts for elementary school students to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices while retaining academic excellence. Our pre-packaged content is designed to significantly reduce the burden on teachers so that they can focus on engaging with students.

Healthcare AI Advanced Accelerator - Spring 2021

Biocanic logo
Health Program Intelligence
Biocanic is a HIPAA compliant Software as a Service (SaaS) integrative health and medicine platform (also known as "functional medicine") designed to simplify personalized health plans into an easy-to-understand language for both practitioners and their clients. Biocanic digitizes all aspects of health improvement plans to build a machine learning engine. Through the Biocanic platform, we enable functional and integrative practitioners to scale their business and drive empirically demonstrated enhanced outcomes.

Botanisol Analytics logo
Autonomous Disease Detection
Botanisol Analytics has developed the world's first autonomous disease detector. The portable hand carriable device can deliver results in about 5 minutes with no skilled operator required, just a laser and a power outlet. While existing medical diagnostics rely on a slow supply chain of chemical reagents and scientists in laboratories, our technology is designed to screen for many pathogens continuously in real world environments, and can be software updated to respond to new threats overnight. We combine the accuracy of a laboratory with the convenience of a vending machine.

Mooditude logo
In-Moment Interventions
Mooditude is building a Behavioral Health Intelligence platform that allows mental health professionals better understand their patients and provide extended care beyond traditional once-a-week therapy sessions. This improves the treatment duration, outcome, and relapse rate, which results in cost savings for the payers and full-filled life for a patient.

Viebeg Technologies logo
Autonomous Inventory Assurance
We transform the way medical products are bought and sold, advancing the 4th industrial revolution in the developing world. Our AI-powered solution de-risks and optimizes medical supply by taking control of every aspect of the medical supply and demand network in hard to serve markets, allowing healthcare providers to procure automatically, transparently and efficiently via our marketplace. Affordability: We link the manufacturers directly to the end-users. Accessibility: Our AI solutions ensure that the needed medical products are always available at the hospital. De-risking: Our AI predicts supply shortages, epidemics and other shocks ahead of time, to prevent health crises

Fall 2019

Encounter AI logo
Voice Engaged Restaurant Services
We've built a Voice Activated Conversational AI to fix customer service in restaurant drive-thrus. Restaurant drive-thrus transact 70% of its business, yet has notoriously bad customer service. Because of that, hundreds of millions of dollars are lost at that critical transaction point. We have leveraged AI to solve this massive problem. We can also provide services to make the drive-thru modern.

HealthFreelance.com logo
Healthcare Workforce-Potential Optimization (WPO)
HealthFreelance.com has modernized how healthcare works at scale and addresses nuances specific to the healthcare industry in the “gig” economy. We provide an intelligent software platform that connects healthcare businesses with experienced health professionals. HealthFreelance provides a solution where predictive data optimizes the healthcare workforce.

LinqThingz logo
Predictive Mobility Optimization
We transform the transportation industry where the rail meets the road. We address a $300B congestion problem that impacts fuel usage, carbon footprint, emergency response costs, citizen productivity, logistic productivity and SAVE LIVES. Our network of AI Sensors collect real-time data about rail and road traffic and predict blocked crossing up to 10 minutes in advance. The Future as a Service information is delivered to individual users through Android/Apple mobile apps and to transportation management, dispatch, mapping and connected vehicle companies through our cloud API.

smartQED logo
Accelerated Incident Resolution
smartQED is a collaborative self-learning workspace for rapid resolution of IT operational incidents. It provides structured visual tools for efficient investigations by teams, and generates ML-based recommendations for likely causes & solutions from prior solved problems. Immediate benefits include notably faster problem resolution, clear visibility of investigation progress, and increased productivity, with higher quality and reliability realized in the longer term.

Syntexys logo
Document Insight Automation
Syntexys makes documents computable. With the Syntexys Document Science Platform, businesses can gain insights, mitigate risk, and predict contract outcomes. Syntexys spun out from A³, Airbus's Silicon Valley innovation center.

Spring 2019

audiobridge logo
Intuitive Songwriting Platform
Audiobridge is an AI audio recognition engine and proprietary recording software that enables new user experiences for the modern recording artist. The pairing of modern recording techniques with deep artificial intelligence gives musicians the ability to spontaneously create high quality music without complicated software, manuals or physical studios. The future of professional audio recording is audiobridge.

HouseKeys logo
People-Centric Housing Programs
HouseKeys is tackling the affordable housing crisis. More than 70% of median households can not afford to buy a median priced home. HouseKeys dramatically simplifies the search, application and closing process for low-to-moderate income households. For cities, HouseKeys provides a standardized application process and software to help them administer and fulfill the housing programs they mandate. HouseKeys makes it simpler than ever for qualified households and cities to achieve their housing goals.

Sewer AI logo
Autonomous Infrastructure Diagnostics
Sewer AI is re-imagining the way cities inspect, analyze and maintain their infrastructure. We are taking slow and laborious manual processes out of the loop and replacing them with computer vision, deep learning and automated software solutions that provide faster, more accurate and more consistent results. Our goal is to dramatically improve the quality of our infrastructure while lowering the cost to maintain it.

Zabble Inc. logo
Zero Waste Intelligence
Zabble is on a mission to reduce waste being sent to the landfills today to enable a circular economy tomorrow. Commercial buildings in the US today contribute to 50% of the landfill waste. Environment professionals use slow and inefficient methods involving pen and paper to quantify and categorize waste at these properties and spend weeks before they turn around with a report with insights. Zabble has developed a cloud-based enterprise platform that uses AI to digitize and streamline the waste collection and management to deliver real-time insights and recommendations to save money and reduce landfill-waste. In 2021, Zabble was recognized as one of the top 5 AI startups helping advance the circular economy. In 2020, Zabble has gained national attention by securing several grants from the Environmental Protection Agency to further advance its AI-based technology and help educational and health institutions track their progress to zero waste.

Fall 2018

Argoid logo
Autonomous Consumer Insights
Argoid is an AI-powered recommendation engine and smart search engine that was envisioned with the purpose of enabling online businesses to provide rich customer experiences and drive revenue growth. Only a few companies like Google, Netflix and Amazon have been able to make a meaningful impact to their businesses and consumers through hyper-personalization. The founders are a team of AI and Data experts who are leaders in this field of consumer behavior data science. Prior to starting Argoid Analytics, the founding members pioneered the analytics platform for Flipkart, which is one of the largest E-commerce companies in the world & acquired by Walmart. Argoid is working with E-Commerce and OTT companies. On average, Argoid's customers are seeing conversation rates as high as 480%, and a minimum of 12x ROI.

MESH Scheduling Inc. logo
Socially Intelligent Staff Scheduling
Staff scheduling is broken, particularly in healthcare. Patients are dying. Nurses and doctors are exhausted. Hospitals and clinics spend excessive amounts on scheduling personnel and overtime. They can barely comply with a constantly changing set of rules. Employee satisfaction is low and turnover is high. At MESH AI, we believe that the only way to address these issues is to include the preferences of all caregivers in the scheduling process. With our continuously improving, AI-powered software, previously impossible shift schedules and complex rules turn into optimized schedules that comply with rules and regulations AND consider the needs of employees. MESH Scheduler is already delivering 40X ROI to our healthcare customers!

String logo
Conversation Relationship Management
The phone # is the native communication tool of the mobile world, but hasn't changed in a decade. Professionals rely on messaging to maintain 1000s of client relationships, but are forced to manually respond to each text. Businesses can't integrate telephony from personal phone lines into normal business processes. String is the only AI-powered telephony SaaS to power B2C conversations

Suavei, Inc. logo
Intelligent Threat Visibility
The number of attached network devices is exploding and each one of them has the potential to undermine even the most rigorous network security practices. Most enterprises have no visibility into 80% of the devices attached to their networks. Unlike other cybersecurity products, Suavei accurately identifies all devices that are connected to a network without the installation of any additional hardware or software agents. The Suavei platform continuously scans all devices attached to a network, self-calibrates and continuously improves using AI.

Spring 2018

Ark.One Health logo
Healthcare Performance Intelligence
Ark.one Health gives healthcare system CFOs and healthcare managers the tools they need to predict and optimize the financial performance of their operations. Proprietary algorithms illuminate the best opportunities for potential cost savings and continuously monitor improvements.

Drishyam.ai logo
Visual Product Identification
Drishyam simplifies and accelerates the customer experience and helps enterprises reduce their support costs using a deep learning-based visual product recognition platform to identify, troubleshoot and easily order replacement parts. Customer Support Made Simple!

Looptoday.com logo
Autonomous Media Engine
Loop is an autonomous media engine that searches the internet and analyzes claims to find credible information from around the web. Unlike in today's web where users are forced to differentiate between fact and fiction, Loop validates each claim using proprietary A.I. technology and decentralized reputation layer. We’ve assembled a world-class team that is experienced in deep learning and information discovery to take on this challenge of bringing authenticity back to the internet.

LucidAct Health logo
AI-Powered Assistant for Healthcare Teams
LucidAct Health is an AI-powered collaboration platform for healthcare teams. It makes it easy for any team to intervene with their high-risk patients through workflow automation. It can dramatically reduce the administrative time from form filling, identify missing revenues, and improve regulatory compliance.

Tempathic logo
Orchestrated Controls
Tempathic replaces clipboards and binders with analytics and guided workflows for managing sensitive materials in the lab, production, and cold chain of life science companies. Equipment failures and human errors result in costly disruptions and the risk of loss of expensive, precious or even irreplaceable samples. Our Enterprise cloud solution uses AI to detect problems before failures occur, uses rules-based alerts and escalations to activate the responders, and prompts responders the actions to address the problem.

Fall 2017

Acclivity Health Solutions logo
Connected Care Management
Acclivity improves healthcare outcomes for patients and families facing multiple illnesses. Our healthcare system is not equipped to deal with the perfect storm of rising health care costs , the aging of the population and shifting attitudes about the final stages of life. Acclivity uses nearly two decades of accumulated data machine learning and medical intelligence to ensure improvements in life quality of patients and their families.

datazoom logo
Adaptive Video Logistics
Improving the experience, efficiency, and profitability of streaming video requires data. Datazoom enables video publishers to better operate distributed architectures through centralizing, standardizing, and integrating data in real-time to create a more powerful data pipeline and improve observability, adaptability, and optimization solutions. Datazoom is a video data platform which continually gathers data from endpoints, like a CDN or a video player, through an ecosystem of collectors. Once the data is gathered, it is normalized using standardized data definitions. This data is then sent through available connectors to analytics platforms like Google BigQuery, Google Analytics, and Splunk and can be visualized in tools such as Looker and Superset. Datazoom is your key to a more effective and efficient data pipeline.

Dotin logo
Unbiased Personality Matching
Using a proven algorithm that deciphers subconscious personality traits from a person's affinity for color patterns, Dotin helps hiring managers evaluate the cultural fit of potential team members without asking any questions. Today, over $30 billion a year in lost productivity is attributable to bad hiring decisions. Dotin's real-time, unbiased cultural fit assessment addresses this very problem.

Klinche logo
Construction Finance Optimization
Klinche is the solution for a broken payment process in construction lending. Our cloud-based platform provides banks, borrowers, and contractors visibility, automation, and integrated machine learning technology to streamline draw processes and optimize loan data. Klinche provides banks tools for improved oversight and forecasting resulting in better use of construction lending capital.

Throughput, Inc. logo
AI-Powered Industrial Bottleneck Elimination
ThroughPut uses existing time-stamped data to eliminate industrial bottlenecks for supply chain & manufacturing managers. In the 35 trillion dollar global production market, 95% of bottlenecks are preventable through proactive root-cause analysis. ThroughPut provides an enterprise software-as-a-service machine learning platform that executes statistical control analysis 600x faster than incumbents