Defy the Odds

At our second annual State of the Startup event, we hosted women founders and investors for a lively discussion about the challenges female founders faced to receive funding. Rolling out its multi-year initiative, BRIIA launched Defy the Odds with the singular goal to get 25 women-led, AI-powered, B2B/SaaS/Software companies funded by December 31 2025!

Meet the Founders

Julie Basu


Accelerated Incident Resolution

Grace Chen


AI-Powered Assistant for Healthcare Teams

Christina Ellwood


Orchestrated Controls

Raeanna Lewarne


Healthcare Workforce-Potential Optimization

Diane Strutner


Adaptive Video Logistics Using SaaS

"...Women in all fields are simply crushing it! Believe in yourself and don’t let the naysayers pull you down — the world is your oyster!”

~Julie Basu

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