Bishop Ranch Innovation Intelligence Accelerator (BRIIA) was founded in 2017 as an integrated data innovation accelerator and collaborative community for machine learning and artificial intelligence. BRIIA is a community of specialists with diversity and passion in emerging technologies, analytics, marketing, sales, UX, and business development. Here, cutting edge data technologies meet entrepreneurship to foster growth in new ideas and markets.

BRIIA is founded upon these core principles:

Entrepreneurs first

There is a well-established tradition in the entrepreneurial community of giving back and paying it forward. When the rich entrepreneurial journeys of successful AND unsuccessful entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners/customers are harnessed to build a robust support system for subsequent start-up founders, the entrepreneurial ecosystem thrives.
BRIIA facilitates this cycle of continuous learning and support for new entrepreneurs. We provide a place where entrepreneurs can meet peers and potential team members. We provide a top-notch program to accelerate the conversion of ideas into real products that have real value for paying customers. We provide a host of in-kind services that support the early stages of product and company development. We maintain active contact with the investor community so we can facilitate introductions that will have the highest probability of being fruitful conversations. And last, but by no means least, we enable connections between start-up teams and world-class advisors. With the exception of our legal experts, we are adamant that these advisors and mentors live by the "entrepreneur first" principal. This means that they have agreed to volunteer their time, with no expectation of future remuneration.

Diversity is strength

Throughout history, many - dare we say "most" - innovations were sparked by teams of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences engaged in the pursuit of solving a seemingly untamable problem or challenge. At BRIIA, we embrace that diversity and do everything we can to foster an environment where differences in ideas and approach are freely discussed and thoughtfully evaluated. We encourage dialogue, but more importantly we encourage listening. We believe that entrepreneurship has no race or gender. The more we support diversity in our entrepreneurial community, the stronger we become.

The Paradox of Conviction & Humility

To found a company and be successful, entrepreneurs must maintain extraordinary commitment to their ideas, their team and their investors. In the face of many "Nos" before there is a single "Yes", founders must rely on the strength of their convictions to carry them through. The future is created by entrepreneurs who believed - and convinced others to believe - when the headwinds of reality were pushing back their hardest.
In a seemingly complete contradiction, entrepreneurs must also possess an extraordinary humility. We must have the humility to admit when we are wrong or do not know the answer. We are humbled when a successful mentor volunteers their time and expertise to nurture a young company. We are humbled when a founder takes no credit and redirects all praise to the team.
While there are certainly examples of CEOs and leaders who were unwavering in their conviction but not humble, at BRIIA, we believe that the best companies will be founded and led by leaders who embrace the paradox. Delicately weaving the strength of one's convictions and humility into the same cloth can be challenging. In choosing the harder challenge of embracing both, entrepreneurs, BRIIA and the entire ecosystem unleash the potential to discover truths and continuously learn from each other.