What is a BRIIA Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator™?

A BRIIA Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator is a time-bound series of workshops and mentoring, focused on providing new product development teams the entrepreneurial tools and processes they need to improve product launch success rates and reduce the risk of failure. The participating team will learn how an entrepreneurial mindset can help navigate the uncertainties associated with a new product or a new market opportunity.

What are the benefits of the BRIIA Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator programs?

In general, participation in a startup accelerator reduces the amount of time it takes startups to progress through the early stages of company development - i.e. reduce the time-to-market. The BRIIA Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator provides corporate product teams this same benefit. The Accelerator also helps product teams rapidly assess the opportunity and determine whether or not it has a high return on effort and return on investment.

All BRIIA Accelerators are "hands-on" learning experiences and consist of a series of workshops on relevant topics. Our Build Like a Startup and Immersion Program Accelerators move beyond learning an entrepreneurial mindset and focus on applying a "move-fast, de-risk rapidly" attitude to corporate new product initiatives.

What is a "workshop"?

During each workshop in a BRIIA Accelerator, two to four topics are presented using a structured approach:

  • Learn
  • Apply
  • Evolve

Learn - A workshop starts with an expert presentation of the key concepts.

Apply - Participants then take the concepts presented and, in the workshop, apply them specifically to the product or project they are working on.

Evolve - The expert leading the workshop then provides immediate feedback on the participant's application of the concept. This final step is critical to reinforce the correct application of the concept.

What is a "check-in"?

A Check-in is a one hour mentoring/advising session with an experienced entrepreneur or expert. Check-ins are invaluable opportunities to refine the application of the entrepreneurial tools provided in the workshops. These meetings provide an opportunity for project leaders to deepen their understanding of how best to apply the workshop topics.

Check-ins also help BRIIA Accelerator leaders confirm that the Accelerator is having the intended impact of reducing risk and accelerating time-to-market.

Getting Started

When can we start?

It is possible to start as soon as we have a mutual understanding of your desired outcomes and we have identified a team to work with.

Our Think Like a Startup and Build Like a Startup programs can be started at any time. These are standard programs that can be tailored to meet the timing needs of your organization.

For the Immersion Program, your company's team leaders will participate in our invitation-only Startup Accelerator. The Startup Accelerator is a 12-sprint intensive program that starts twice a year - in late-February and late-August.

How do I get in touch with BRIIA?

If you are interested in discussing how a BRIIA Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator might work for you, please email Les Schmidt at [email protected] or call at 877-274-4246.

You can also contact us by any means shown on our contact us page.

How do we get started?

The process to get started is simple and straightforward. The steps are as follows:

  • Have an initial conversation to determine if our program is right for you
  • Have a pre-Accelerator meeting with the sponsoring CxO and team leadership
  • Select dates

Where would the programs / workshops be held?

Our Think Like a Startup and Build Like a Startup programs are held at your facility. For the workshop, we will need a room big enough to hold the participants, a white board and a projection surface (or digital display).

The Immersion Program, is held at BRIIA's facility located at 12677 Alcosta Boulevard, Suite 250, San Ramon, CA 94583.

Costs and benefits

What does each Accelerator program provide?

There are three configurations of the Corproate Innovation Accelerator. Each Accelerator is a series of workshops and in some configurations also includes 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring. The Think Like a Startup and Build Like a Startup Accelerators can be tailored to meet your company or team's needs.

The "starter" configuration is our Think Like a Startup program. The program provides a 3-day onsite series of workshops on a variety of entrepreneurial topics. This Accelerator is focused on learning key entrepreneurial concepts and guidance as to how to apply the concepts. The core topics include:

  • Business Model Innovation
  • 8 Steps to De-risk your business
  • Intro to Category Design
  • The Traction Gap
  • Identifying your Riskiest Assumption

If an "applied learning" approach is desired, our Build Like a Startup or Immersion Program Accelerators would likely fit the bill.

Each of these Accelerators include workshops and check-in sessions. The result is a much more intensive program where concepts learned and first worked on in the workshops are refined during a 1-on-1 mentoring/advising session with an experienced entrepreneur or expert. As a result, the tools and processes associated with entrepreneurial thinking are more likely to be applied correctly to your unique situation.

How much does the Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator cost?

Costs will vary based on the particular needs of each company and the resulting customizations. Currently the base price for each of our Accelerators is as follows:

  • Think Like a Startup - $24,000
  • Immersion Program - $38,000
  • Build Like a Startup - $49,000

Artificial Intelligence

What is an AI strategy?

Every-day new AI-powered products and services are hitting the market. This is happening in almost every aspect of business, government and personal life.

We help companies think about how to create value from the data they already have, consider what data is needed to power future products and services, and put in place the processes that will ensure an evergreen data strategy. During our Build Like a Startup and Immersion Program Accelerators, we provide specific tools that teams can use to build a valuable data strategy so that your company can remain relevant and competitive.

Teams and participation

When is the best time to have a team participate in a Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator program?

A BRIIA Accelerator can augment your company's product development efforts at any time during the development lifecycle. An Accelerator will have the most value, however, when the product/project is at the earliest stages of definition or development. Our mantra is to "build less, learn more" because building a product, only to find out that there is no market (or a limited market) for that product, is a very expensive proposition.

Who in my organization should participate in the Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator program?

BRIIA Build Like a Startup and Immersion Program Accelerators are primarily focused on the top 2-3 product leaders of a project. We know that when several key leaders of the team participate, it is more fun and it reduces the need to subsequently re-transmit our workshop content to others who need to know about applying the Accelerator concepts and tools.

Our Think Like a Startup Accelerator is specifically designed for participation by the entire team, but team leadership participation is a must.

Do my innovation and product teams have to be experienced?

No experience is required to participate in a BRIIA Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator. We have worked with many founders in our Startup Accelerator who are building a company for the first time. The Accelerator model is designed to meet each individual where they are in their experience and help them think and act like an entrepreneur. Our workshop approach gives all participants the chance to apply this thinking to their project or product.

BRIIA's Network of Startups

Will I be able to meet with BRIIA's Startup Accelerator founders?

We would be delighted to introduce you to any of the founders in our portfolio. All of our current and former Startup Accelerator companies are listed on our website.

Our Immersion Program Accelerator enables your product team leadership to participate alongside the current cohort of founders in our Startup Accelerator program.