Accelerator alumni

These category-leading companies participated in our Accelerator Programs. They serve many different industries, but they all use valuable data in the service of solving a crucial problem. As customers use their products, their products and their customers will continue to get smarter. These are awesome companies you'll definitely want to watch!

Here's what they had to say about their BRIIA experience.

Company profiles


Acclivity Health Solutions logo
Connected Care Management
Acclivity improves healthcare outcomes for patients and families facing multiple illnesses. Our healthcare system is not equipped to deal with the perfect storm of rising health care costs , the aging of the population and shifting attitudes about the final stages of life. Acclivity uses nearly two decades of accumulated data machine learning and medical intelligence to ensure improvements in life quality of patients and their families.

datazoom logo
Adaptive Video Logistics
datazoom helps content distributors like NBC and Hulu personalize and improve the monetization of the viewing experience. Data collected today is outdated, not granular enough and siloed - it's useless. datazoom's platform collects granular data and unifies it in sub-second real-time, so data can be used by all third party platforms real-time automation and QA service.

Dotin logo
Personality DNA
Using a proven algorithm that deciphers sub-conscious personality traits from a person's affinity for color patterns, Dotin helps hiring managers evaluate the cultural fit of potential team members. Today, over $30 billion a year in lost productivity is attributable to bad hiring decisions. Dotin's real-time, unbiased cultural fit assessment gives hiring managers a tool to understand the subconscious mind of candidates.

Klinche logo
Construction Finance Optimization
Klinche is solving the broken system of payments associated with construction financing. Banks making construction loans lack visibility and process automation tools to effectively manage their loan portfolios. Klinche's cloud-based platform on which all project constituents can efficiently transact business, improve project oversight. Using a large dataset of construction projects, Klinche is able to help banks predict loan problems.

Throughput logo
Automated Bottleneck Detection
Throughput recovers one of the most precious resources - time. Today, supply chain professionals waste time chasing down the cause of supply-chain bottlenecks. Once a bottleneck is identified, the solution is seldom apparent. Throughput's Continuous Improvement Software-as-a-Service discovers, prioritizes and tracks resolutions of bottlenecks in seconds with little IT support required.


Ark.One Health logo
Healthcare Performance Intelligence Health gives healthcare system CFOs and healthcare managers the tools they need to predict and optimize the financial performance of their operations. Proprietary algorithms illuminate the best opportunities for potential cost savings and continuously monitor improvements. logo
Visual Product Identification
Drishyam simplifies and accelerates the customer experience and helps enterprises reduce their support costs using a deep learning-based visual product recognition platform to identify, troubleshoot and easily order replacement parts. Customer Support Made Simple! logo
Autonomous Media Engine
Loop is an autonomous media engine that searches the internet and analyzes claims to find credible information from around the web. Unlike in today's web where users are forced to differentiate between fact and fiction, Loop validates each claim using proprietary A.I. technology and decentralized reputation layer. We’ve assembled a world-class team that is experienced in deep learning and information discovery to take on this challenge of bringing authenticity back to the internet.

LucidAct Health logo
AI-Powered Care Coordination
LucidAct Health is an AI-powered collaboration platform for healthcare teams. It helps hospitals and clinics cut operational cost and increase revenue. It brings joy and productivity back to work through automated workflows.

teller logo
Financial Security for the OnDemand Economy
Teller helps freelancers survive the shortcomings of freelancing platforms such as income volatility, lack of benefits and paid leaves by providing free cash advances, paid maternity and sick leave and other financial services. Teller's team of ex-freelancers has created this service in conjunction with freelance community leaders, global fintech experts, and PayPal's top innovators.

Tempathic logo
Orchestrated Controls
Tempathic replaces clipboards and binders with analytics and guided workflows for managing sensitive materials in the lab, production, and cold chain of life science companies. Equipment failures and human errors result in costly disruptions and the risk of loss of expensive, precious or even irreplaceable samples. Our Enterprise cloud solution uses AI to detect problems before failures occur, uses rules-based alerts and escalations to activate the responders, and prompts responders the actions to address the problem.