Fall 2018 Accelerator Companies

On August 27, five companies will begin a 12-week journey at BRIIA. Their stories begin in distant corners of the world — from Nigeria to Kingston (Ontario) and the Bay Area — but they are each tackling big problems using AI, machine learning or blockchain technologies in innovative ways.

Together we will vector in on product/market fit, begin building a portfolio of customers and identify investors that can fuel the journey.

All of us will be shaped by the 12-week journey ahead. We hope you will join us at the end of that journey and come to our Investor Demo Day - Tuesday, November 13, 2018 9:00 am PST!

Company profiles


Argoid logo
Cognitive Dataplatform Business
Argoid is focused on making disruptive technologies evermore agile, simple and accessible using self-serve and cognitive automation approach. Our flagship product Argo is a complete AI driven Cognitive Dataplatform that will rapidly enable insights based solutions for niche areas, like drug discovery, process optimization, customer engagement, and ultimately in providing a corporate brain.

Hello Chava logo
AI-powered business text messaging
We are the only messaging automation company that supports outbound, conversational, and administrative workflows through automation and augmentation. We uniquely superpower each user to become 100x more capable over client messaging.

KickCity logo
Decentralized event management and marketing protocol on blockchain.
KickCity is an event marketing and management platform that uses the power of Blockchain technology and crowdsourcing to create a more efficient community for event organizers, promoters and attendees. Any user can share events with friends and earn cryptocurrency. Tickets can be bought using fiat and crypto on the platform.

MESH Scheduling Inc. logo
Human-centered medical staff scheduler
MESH AI takes your shifts, team roster, and requirements to create the best possible schedules with near-mathematical optimality. It accommodates vacation requests, staff preferences, clinical needs, and last-minute changes with fairness and efficiency. MESH AI is a booster of morale and eliminator of errors! It is the only human-centered staff scheduler built for healthcare.

Suavei, Inc. logo
Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Management
Suavei performs vulnerability assessment of critical infrastructure in remote locations and devices. We improve the quality of life of security operations teams and help them feel less stressed, more relieved and focused by curbing the threat of cyber attacks. The Suavei platform self-calibrates and continuously improves using AI, and we leverage blockchain to protect its integrity.