Fall 2019 Accelerator Companies

On August 26, five founders begin a 13-sprint journey at BRIIA. The stories that lead each founder to start a company and commit their time and passions are different but they have each decided to tackle big problems using AI or machine learning technologies in innovative ways.

During the accelerator program we will accelerate clarity. We align product, company and category strategies into a powerful story that is compelling to investors and easy to understand.

All of us will be shaped by this rapid journey. We hope you will join us on Investor Day - Wednesday, November 19, 2019 9:00 am PST to celebrate the completed journey!

Company profiles


Encounter AI logo
Conversational Customer Experience Management
Encounter AI is a multi-experience voice technology platform that makes restaurants and retail establishments faster, friendlier and more efficient. Encounter AI uses artificial intelligence to enable restaurants to create and manage voice-activated personalized experiences across phone, kiosks, and drive-thrus.

HealthFreelance.com logo
HealthTelligent Cultivation
Hiring hasn’t changed in decades for healthcare. At HealthFreelance we found a way to intelligently curate hiring matches to give healthcare a new working edge. Familiar businesses, from your local dentist office to global medical firms, use our platform to hire quality, vetted independent professionals like physician medical editors, EMR program developers, nurse case managers and more.

LinqThingz logo
Connected Oracles
Our Connected Oracles gather information from a network of connected sensors and then predict what is going to happen somewhere else in the future. More precisely, we predict when railroad crossings will be blocked and then reroute vehicles. Citizens wait 100,000,000 hours, Logistics companies spend $13,000,000,000 and the survival of critical ambulance rescues are reduced 50% by blocked trains.

smartQED logo
AIOps - Accelerating Incident Response
smartQED is a collaborative self-learning workspace for rapid resolution of operational problems. It provides intuitive visual tools for efficient investigations by teams, and generates ML-based recommendations for likely causes & solutions from prior solved problems. The benefits include substantially faster problem resolution, clear visibility of investigation progress, and reduction in effort.

Syntexys logo
Document Science
Syntexys makes documents computable. With the Syntexys Document Science Platform, businesses can gain insights, mitigate risk, and predict contract outcomes. Syntexys spun out from A³, Airbus's Silicon Valley innovation center.