Spring 2018 Accelerator Companies

Six companies have begun a 12-week journey with BRIIA. They come from all over the San Francisco Bay Area and are tackling problems in healthcare, customer service, the gig economy and the veracity of news. All are using AI, machine learning or other data innovations to bring new insights to their prospective customers and beneficiaries.

Together we will be discovering product/market fit, building a portfolio of customers and seeking investments. The journey will undoubtedly transform the companies - and the descriptions below! Come see them on Investor Demo Day - Tuesday, June 12, 2018. Get your tickets here!

Company profiles

Spring 2018

Ark.One Health logo
Healthcare Performance Intelligence
Ark.one Health gives healthcare system CFOs and healthcare managers the tools they need to predict and optimize the financial performance of their operations. Proprietary algorithms illuminate the potential for savings and continuously monitor improvements.

Drishyam.ai logo
Visual Product Identification
Drishyam simplifies and accelerates the customer experience and helps enterprises reduce their support costs using a deep learning-based visual product recognition platform to identify, troubleshoot and easily order replacement parts. Customer Support Made Simple!

Loop.io logo
Trust Layer for the internet
Loop gives information consumers the tools they need to navigate the overwhelming flow of information in the digital age. Loop's first product is a decentralized and credible news network.

LucidAct Health logo
AI-Powered Care Coordination
LucidAct Health enables healthcare providers to spend more practice time with patients via a smart care coordination tool, and provides them with prompt and satisfying care.

teller logo
Financial Security for the OnDemand Economy
Teller helps freelancers survive the shortcomings of freelancing platforms such as income volatility, lack of benefits and paid leaves by providing free cash advances, paid maternity and sick leave and other financial services. Teller's team of ex-freelancers has created this service in conjunction with freelance community leaders, global fintech experts, and PayPal's top innovators.

Tempathic logo
Orchestrated Controls
Alerts don't solve problems, actions do. Tempathic coordinates sensors and monitoring processes for critical systems in the life sciences.