Spring 2019 Accelerator Companies

On March 4, five founders began a 12-sprint journey at BRIIA. The stories that lead each founder to start a company and commit their time and passions are different but they have each decided to tackle big problems using AI or machine learning technologies in innovative ways.

During the accelerator program we will accelerate clarity. We align product, company and category strategies into a powerful story that is compelling and easy to understand.

All of us will be shaped by this rapid journey. We hope you will join us on Investor Day - Wednesday, May 29, 2019 9:00 am PST to celebrate the completed journey!

Company profiles


audiobridge logo
Mobile music recording and collaboration platform
Audiobridge is a recording and collaboration platform available for mobile devices worldwide. Our system allows for instant cloud collaboration in sessions at anytime from anywhere with a data signal. Our team has begun building an ML engine (the ‘audiobrainʼ) and proprietary recording software (the ‘nexusʼ) that enables us to create a new, unique user experience for the modern recording artist.

HouseKeys logo
Community & Economic Development (CED) Program Marketplace and Management Platform
We're consolidating all Community and Economic Development (CED) Programming into a single, branded, networked marketplace with administration, management, reporting, and analytical capabilities. Our work provides resources for affordable housing, small business, the workforce, and education. HouseKeys works with public & private entities to create, market, manage, and fund these programs.

Sewer AI logo
Underground utility insights
Sewer AI is re-imagining the way cities inspect, analyze and maintain their infrastructure. We are taking slow and laborious manual processes out of the loop and replacing them with automated software solutions that provide faster, more accurate and more consistent results. Our goal is to dramatically improve the quality of our infrastructure while lowering the cost to maintain it.

wordly, Inc logo
automated realtime & simultaneous translation to anyone anywhere
The wordly solution enables conversations between multiple people using different languages in real-time. Users can view the conversation in their native language, on their preferred display; listen to the conversation via synthesized speech, or a combination of both. In addition, a final transcript of the conversation is available in the users preferred language.

Zabble Inc. logo
Material digitization platform with real-time insights
Zabble's technology jumpstarts a "digital" era in material management with an enterprise cloud-based mobile platform. Our platform gives visibility into operations to target efforts to reduce waste, increase diversion and reduce contamination. Waste and property management, environmental consulting firms and municipalities can streamline their operations for efficiency and cost reduction.