Pat McClellan

Pat McClellan

  • Campaign Design
  • Strategy Guru


Pat McClellan is an avid learner - a passion that has combined creative and technical skillsets to fuel a diverse career in media, technology and marketing. Pat started his career creating award winning marketing videos and computer-based training programs for clients including Baxter International, Amoco Oil, 3M, and Accenture. This experience taught him essential elements of business and developed his expertise for articulating complex processes and information for maximum impact.

Pat evolved his career into multimedia production, writing his first html code in 1994, and learning to program on CompuServe forums. As an independent developer, he co-founded a popular website for multimedia developers, where he wrote over 200 how-to articles - again working to make the complex comprehensible. His career highlight as a developer was creating multi-player games for Disneyland and EPCOT - projects that ushered him into Jack Morton, a global experiential agency that was managing the Disney relationship.

Over 18 years in an agency, first at Jack Morton and subsequently at Opus Agency, Pat was executive producer, digital strategist, creative director, account director, and managing director, head of marketing and strategy. Each role provided opportunities to imagine and create experiences that connect the world's leading (mostly tech) brands to their employees, press, customers and prospects. He has played key roles in dozens of product launches, tradeshow experiences, user conferences, content marketing, and public exhibits.

Pat's next career evolution - or perhaps regression - has brought him back to software development, this time focused on the Salesforce platform and machine learning.

Pat earned a BS from Northwestern University with a major in Radio-TV-Film, and an MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management.