Natalie Hughes

Natalie Hughes

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Natalie Hughes is a seasoned Founder and CEO with 25+ years of experience establishing and running multiple businesses. She has run an apparel company, an Enterprise Software Consulting firm serving a dozen vertical industries and an Enterprise software business. Her work in enterprise software modernization and transformation has secured her position as a global thought leader in the tech industry and a featured contributor to Wired Magazine’s Innovative Insights Online Blog.

Subsequent to earning her degree in Computer Science and Business Administration, Ms. Hughes launched Packaged Business Solutions (PBSI). As CEO, she guided the company from a small Enterprise Software consulting company to a multi-faceted, well-reputed firm with a long history of creative software solutions and distinguished clients.

After successfully operating the services-based company for decades, Ms. Hughes evolved her company toward a products-based model. Her accomplishments included:

  • Conceived, designed, developed and launched a revolutionary technology which automates the migration of legacy enterprise applications to functionally equivalent .NET in the cloud. This globally unique technology has been vetted by experts at Microsoft, HP, Infosys and Infor.
  • Raised $2.5M + of Venture Debt and Equity Funding from an institutional investor and a number of private investors. Used funds to develop and prove the product, establish strategic partnerships and develop $30M prospective sales pipeline.
  • Recruited and chaired strong Board of Directors comprised of Software CEOs, High Tech Founders and Investment Bankers.
  • Established International Strategic Partnerships with IBM, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard.

During the first two decades of operation, PBSI was a software development services company and a Business Partner of IBM, Microsoft and Novell. Ms. Hughes’ accomplishments included:

  • Built custom software solutions for Lucky Stores, The State Bar of California, The PMI Group, Dey Laboratories, San Mateo County, Royal Cruise Line, Fairchild Microprocessor and Linear Divisions, ComputerLand Corporate for Esprit in Europe, Asia and North America.
  • As an IBM Business Partner, sold and implemented AS/400 systems to major corporations, such as: Bank of America, First Nationwide Bank, Fireman's Fund Insurance, Wells Fargo, United Way, Cost Plus Imports, Sharper Image, Williams-Sonoma, and a variety of other major state and local governmental entities.
  • Recognized as an elite IBM Business Partner (top 2% of U.S. Business Partners), Natalie drove the sale of $20M of AS/400 equipment to more than 150 customers in five years.
  • Developed PBSI’ s first Windows - based software product EDI Courier in a joint venture with MGIC which automated the implementation of EDI technology for the mortgage industry.

In addition to her Software Products and Consulting business, Ms. Hughes co-founded an apparel company Kilner Studio specializing in designer women’s clothing at bridge prices. Ms. Hughes’ accomplishments in the apparel industry included:

  • Developed relationships with Major Fashion Retailers such as Barneys, Bendels, Nieman Marcus, Dillard’s and high-end boutiques
  • Built Brand as Stylish, Elegant, Designer Fashion– Kilner Studio was featured on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily
  • Marketed Black and White ball gowns - Kilner Studio gowns were displayed in the windows of Macy’s in Union Square, San Francisco
  • Established a personal client relationship with The First Lady (Mayor’s wife) of San Francisco