Marissa Marsay

Marissa Marsay

  • Business systems development
  • Marketing and sales materials
  • Data visualization


By identifying and developing the right business systems and communication strategies, Marissa works with business owners to take their companies to the next level: increased revenue and profit margins through consistent and effective marketing and sales processes and support materials.

With over 20-plus years of experience as a business owner herself, Marissa brings a relatable, hands-on, and practical perspective to her approach. Whether in the role of consultant, coach, or trainer, her expertise in project management guarantees a proven and effective process for on-going success to her clients. And her well-rounded experience allows for an integrated solution that covers all aspects of business, from marketing and sales to operations, financials, and team building.

Intrigued about business from an early age, Marissa earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance from U.C. Berkeley and an MBA in Marketing from Cal State East Bay, graduating with honors from both institutions.

Described as a balanced “left-” and “right-” brained businesswoman, she possesses a unique talent for developing both visionary, big-picture strategic plans and detailed step-by-step processes for her clients. As a numbers-driven person, Marissa enjoys helping her clients track key metrics to gain business insight and achieve success. As a creative marketer, she enjoys turning complex concepts and data into easy to understand, useful information while sharing her passion for business.

In line with developing her speaking career, Marissa is learning foreign languages, currently studying Italian.