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Linda Maduwura

Linda Maduwura

  • Venture Capital
  • Financial Analysis


Linda is the Founder of Fife Avenue Partners, a CFO and back office solution for emerging VC Fund managers. Linda has been in the VC industry since 2010 with her most recent experience being a Director in KPMG’s Private Equity Group. Previously, as a senior manager for KPMG’s Alternative Investments practice Linda was responsible for VC Fund audits and strategically assisting VC Fund managers as they sought operational efficiencies and scale. Linda was also responsible for advising VC managers regarding best practices as they sought to meet the ever-changing demands of their investing communities and portfolio companies.

Throughout her career, she has been known to empathetically deliver the most inconvenient truths while striving to bring positive outcomes for her clients. She is passionate about contributing to other people’s growth and success.

Linda was born and raised in Zimbabwe. The first and only girl in a family of five, she has had to continually strive to overcome the cultural norms of the country of her birth which place men’s education ahead of that of women. She moved to the Bay Area in 2006 after spending 5 years in Bermuda and inevitably caught the entrepreneurial bug leading to the founding of her own firm. Linda has two daughters and is an avid golfer who shares her love of golf with her husband and girls most weekends.