Lew Altman

Lew Altman

  • Product/Market Fit
  • Product Positioning
  • Healthcare


Lew is Managing Partner of Lew Altman Consulting and has 20 years' experience as a Strategic Marketing Executive for private and publicly traded technology companies, and 10 years' experience as a consultant, mentor and advisor.

Lew deftly guides companies and helps them articulate how their technology delivers value to the market.He has connected decision support, taxonomy/ontology, and natural language processing products to market needs, successfully guided and scaled early stage technology companies such as SAZTEC International (IPO), Transition Systems, Inc. (IPO), Healthcare Media Enterprises (M&A) and Axolotl (M&A) to successful exits.Lew has positioned and repositioned companies, successfully launched products, and has valuable experience working with companies, customers, investors and boards.Lew's strategy and execution helped position products, develop teams and grow revenue.

  • New and existing customer sales execution, sales process improvements, and sales strategy contributed to a 28% compounded annual growth rate, 45% market share and a successful IPO. (Transition Systems Inc.)
  • Successful trailblazer to new markets through a C-level understanding of business needs coupled with the vision to remove barriers and align company/product strengths. (All companies)
  • Launched a healthcare technology division, designed new product and managed 50% annual growth which contributed to the company IPO. (SAZTEC).

As a consultant to technology companies Lew has positioned companies, raised capital, managed exits and guided go-to-market strategies.

Lew was also a mentor for Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs and a board member for Sales and Marketing Executives International.Lew has a BA in Business Economics and Sociology from UCSB.