Kevin Chew

Kevin Chew

  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Go-to-Market
  • First customer Acquisition


Kevin Chew is currenrly head of M&A and Business Development at a late stage growth SaaS Martech Unicorn. 

He is an experienced Operator, Investor and Entrepreneur with 4 Exits ( 1 IPO and 3 M&A ) to his credit. He's held leadership positions in Product, Sales and Business Development. Kevin likes to say that he's "Failed" at every role there is to have at a tech company. Kevin led the Big-Data investment thesis at EMC Ventures for 3 years.

Kevin is a master at leading multi-disciplinary operations: engineering, product management, alliances, sales, and business development teams. He is at his best when he is leading mission critical software development, operations and sales campaigns. His experience spans every kind of company situation imaginable: start-ups, IPO's, turn-arounds, small and large cap growth companies.

His technical specialties include: SaaS B2B Marketing and Sales Technology. CRM, Marketing Platforms, Campaign Management. Sales and Marketing Content Management and Collaboration, Enterprise Applications: ERP, CRM and Supply Chain

You can find Kevin's blog here.