Jim Schreitmueller

Jim Schreitmueller

  • Customer Acquisition
  • GTM Strategy
  • Product Positioning


I have funded, launched and grown multiple technology companies across verticals (including three category kings) and have achieved successful exits, with more to come. My work has connected me with virtually everyone on the planet.

If you ever redeemed a retailer’s mobile coupon, it was likely sourced by the adtech company I co-founded, Spotzot, the first location-based shopper media company that powered leading apps like Groupon, eBay’s RedLaser and Shopkick (acquired by Valassis).

Chances are that the product you purchased using your coupon arrived from overseas by container, about two thirds of which are processed at intermodal port facilities using automated supply chain ERP software developed by Navis, a company that I helped build from a startup into a dominant global category leader (acquired by Zebra Technologies and Red Prairie).

The carbon footprint of transporting those shipping containers was significantly reduced by International Asset Systems, a Pritzker company that I helped to introduce the first SaaS-based systems to optimize transport for the trucking industry (acquired by Blume Global).

If the car you drove to the store was involved in an unfortunate fender bender along the way, the estimate for repairs was more than likely generated using my patented interactive image technology, used by auto insurers worldwide (ADP Claims Services, acquired by Solera). That technology was at the heart of one of the first commercial tablet-based apps ever developed, which was personally promoted by Bill Gates.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) • Analytics • Computer Vision • IoT • Mobile • Adtech • E-commerce • Retail • Restaurants • Supply Chain Management (SCM) • Blockchain • Automotive • Renewable Energy • Mortgage Banking • PC Insurance • Intermodal Freight • Ocean Shipping • Direct Marketing • Telematics • Content Delivery Networks (CDN) • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)