Dan Jones

Dan Jones

  • IT & Business Strategy
  • Team Development
  • Food/Beverage Industgry


Dan spent 30 years in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), including 12 years as Vice President during his 20 year tenure at Conagra Brands where he implemented their trade promotion optimization and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions while leading multiple spinoffs. As a partner at ahatis, he leads the CPG practice to help clients around the critical areas of strategy, trade, cost management, and M&A. Prior to Conagra Brands, Dan spent 6 years with Accenture.

Dan led teams at Conagra Brands for the past 20 years. He has been a Vice President since 2005. Dan is known for solving business challenges through creative thinking and technical solutions. He is a thought-leader in the Consumer Packaged Goods space, specifically food manufacturing and the associated business processes. Dan’s key areas of expertise include IT and Data Strategy (aligned with business leaders); SAP Implementation and Support; Development of People and Organizations; Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures; Technology Enabled Cost Transformation and Outsourcing; Digital Business Technologies; Financial Planning/Budgeting (Zero Based Budgeting); and Organizational Change Leadership. Some of Dan’s key accomplishments at Conagra Brands include:

  • Delivering the successful implementation of the full SAP ERP suite across the $18+ Billion organization
  • Architecting the tax-free spin/divesture of the $5+ Billion Lamb Weston entity
  • Creating a formal Career Development Program for the 800+ person IT Department
  • Leading the Transformation/Outsourcing of the IT Department
  • Delivering a $100 Million annual savings to the business by implementing Trade Promotion Optimization
  • Developing a semi-annual comprehensive Three-Year IT Strategy

Before joining Conagra Brands, Dan worked for Accenture in Los Angeles for 6 years. Dan received his Master of Business Administration at the Peter F. Drucker Claremont Graduate University and his Bachelor of Science in Finance at Brigham Young University.