Chrissy Vonderach

Chrissy Vonderach

  • Critical Questions
  • Growth Mindset


    Business savvy technology leader who builds and significantly transforms technology in order to scale and drive strategic objectives.  Constantly pushing herself to learn.

      Ms Vonderach's ongoing passion for winning utilizes her curiosity, creativity, and collaboration to create the strategic direction and to drive the change and innovation.  Her results have been achieved at a diverse portfolio of companies over her career. Great results begin with great questions.

      Ms. Vonderach has a broad skill set at companies with technology scale – integrating M&As, shaping strategy, bridging business/product/technology, developing customer analytics, engineering development, cloud and data center operations, project and product management, operational and capital budgets, and process change.

      She is proficient in delivering measurable results by rapidly assessing challenges, drawing on broad technology experience, building influence, and enabling teams with a strategic focus.