Bett Bollhoefer

Bett Bollhoefer

  • SAAS Cost-to-serve
  • Data-Driven Prod. Mgmt
  • Cloud Architecture/IIOT


Bett started as a software engineer in 1999 during the DotCOM Boom. She worked at 3 startups, and even though Bett was only a code monkey, she started examining the business plans of her employers to find out how they would make money because each in turn went out of business. She finally joined a company with a solid business plan, Verizon.

At Verizon (10 years) she worked on many different projects and gained knowledge of networking, order to billing processes, customer experience (CX), systems architecture.

She then joined GE Digital where she worked on Industrial Internet of things platform called Predix. She helped mentor start ups in the Startup Weekend movement and loves mentoring product managers on thinking about key product management points such as: Market Fit, Cost Model, Pricing Strategy, Cloud Architecture, Data Driven Product Management, Profitability, End to End Customer Experience.

Bett is a recent graduate of the Experienced Architect Leadership program where she had 3 years of rotational experience in different parts of the Industrial IOT platform including: deep in the technology, Manufacturing, and most recently Asset Performance Management. Her job after graduating is as the Digital Product manager of Cost and Pricing Strategy. She mentors product managers inside GE on their products profitability. Top questions she likes to ask product managers: How does your customer know they need your product? How do measure if your product is being adopted as expected? What is your strategy to be profitable?