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What Founders say...

The BRIIA Startup Accelerator Program is the best business decision that I've ever made...regardless of whether I was raising money or not, it was critical to me getting my mind around how to intentionally build my business while running it.

Julius Nyanda, CEO and founder of HouseKeys

The BRIIA Startup Accelerator Program is a game changer for entrepreneurs looking to understand how to build a startup.

Nikhil Balachandran, CEO and founder of Zabble

Advanced Programs

Is your company already selling a well-developed product to lots of customers? Do you have advanced systems in place and are ready for growth?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then you might be ready for our upcoming Advanced Programs. Here are the programs that will be starting soon:

Start - End
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October 4 2021 - November 17 2021
Apply before
Program start
October 4 2021
Program end
November 17 2021