A BRIIA Founder Profile
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Matt Rosenthal
CEO, Co-founder

Did you know there are over a billion feet of sewer piping in the United States? What you don’t see, you don’t worry about, but if these pipes weren’t doing their job, you would know it in a hurry!

To keep them running smoothly, these systems require regular inspections by humans who control robotic cameras on a cable. Would you invest in a company that found a better way? How about one that cuts inspection costs by 40% to 70% with higher accuracy? BRIIA found a company that did just that!

Sewer AI is a three year old company with a valuation growing above $31 million. Their annual revenues are expanding rapidly as well. They created AI technology with highly accurate computer vision algorithms that identify all kinds of flaws in sewer pipes. Better still, their system never tires or needs a bathroom break! SewerAI is leading the development of a new business category - Automated, Rapid Condition Assessment. Sewer AI is a BRIIA Alum.

Matt Rosenthal, co-founder and CEO of SewerAI, knew a better way to inspect and identify critical anomalies within municipal pipe systems. He knew that with machine learning, his system could train itself to find critical issues faster and cheaper, saving taxpayers lots of money (and a lot of raw sewage in the streets).

SewerAI triples inspection productivity. Their customers include the cities of San Francisco, Houston, Toronto. These municipalities are case studies in cost reduction and improved accuracy.

How does SewerAI win business? Simple, they love data! For prospective customers, they'll even review past video inspections to find critical anomalies that were missed. Daily, they prove the power of AI. They demonstrate how AI can make a dirty waste-filled task look easy, keeping us and our environment safer.

Matt, his co-founder, Bill Gilmartin, and the entire SewerAI team continue to build a kickass company. The story of SewerAI is a great story, but his experience at BRIIA provided him the foundation to tell a great story...a story people quickly understood.

Put simply, Matt and his company are making sure that when you flush every drop ends up in the right place!