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Gokul Muralidharan
Gokul Muralidharan
CEO, Founder

Successful entrepreneurs have vision, grit, and an unwavering determination to build kick-ass companies. They also have a unique blend of confidence and humility that puts passion for their vision in balance with an "always-be-learning" mindset.

Gokul Muralidharan, Founder, and CEO of Argoid.AI, is a successful entrepreneur and BRIIA alum. He tells a compelling business story to investors while he learns from his customers and advisors, constantly iterating his business. Argoid is bringing the power of machine learning and real-time recommendation engines to all ecommerce.

After building a successful initial business in Asia, Gokul has now set his sights on conquering the SMB ecommerce market in the United States.

Gokul attributes Argoid’s success to concepts and tools he acquired in the BRIIA accelerator. “In the BRIIA accelerator, I was pushed by experts and fellow entrepreneurs. The workshops and 1:1 coaching gave me the clarity and focus I needed to build the foundations of Argoid - our Ideal customer profile, our unique value proposition and our unique selling proposition. BRIIA’s accelerator showed me how to clearly define Argoid’s ideal customer. From those foundations, I was then able to build a powerful story that highlighted what our product could do for our customers. Furthermore, the accelerator showed us how to find and communicate with potential customers and raise the right capital,” said Gokul. He’s also excited about the new category that BRIIA helped him define and name - Autonomous Customer Insights.

Today, Argoid is thriving. Gokul has raised $2.8 Million (USD) since leaving the BRIIA program. Bit by bit Argoid is creating and leading its new category of real-time personalization. E-commerce customers of Argoid are seeing a 20% to 144% uplift in conversion rates and a minimum 12x ROI.

At BRIIA, we believe that entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of our civilization. Without it, we limit our collective progress and fail to solve many of the challenging problems we face. That’s why we support entrepreneurs - through our curriculum, experts, provisioners and mentors - and push them to achieve greater success. BRIIA expedites startup development by creating unique, guided development plans for each entrepreneur. We meet entrepreneurs wherever they are and help them reach the next milestone and beyond - from idea to fundability and fundability to scaling.