The BRIIA Accelerator Program

BRIIA opened in September 2017 as the Bay Area's first integrated data innovation accelerator and collaboration community. BRIIA gives early-stage entrepreneurs the resources to start and grow companies that are fueled by machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and related technologies.

We will be accepting applications for the Spring 2018 Program in a few weeks. If you are interested in applying, be sure to let us know using the form below.


Program Syllabus

BRIIA's 12-week program is designed to assist early stage companies and entrepreneurs quickly get from "prototype to fundability". Our applied learning approach is not just about knowing, it's about doing. Participants gain tools and insights through workshops, Thought Catalysts (guest experts) and Office Hours (mentors). BRIIA's goal is to get each company ready for raising capital and market scalability.

Mentors - BRIIA Mentors are carefully selected and are our secret sauce. These are experienced entrepreneurs, domain experts, and coaches. They've been there, done that and are keen to help entrepreneurs in the Accelerator program succeed. You'll find them to be world-class people too!

Workshops - work with peers and experts to focus on one aspect of developing your startup or your product, etc. Typically, these are 4‑hour sessions; one per week. Some exclusively for founders, others available to all team members. May require advanced prep.

Thought Catalysts - Our guest experts and expert panels engage with Accelerator companies directly. They each have a unique point of view or expertise. While they are onsite, they wil give a talk and then Accelerator participants will work with peers and guides to appropriately apply the new concepts.

Demo Day - rounding out the 12‑week program, Demo Day provides companies the opportunity to show off their progress to investors and community members, and launch into their next stage of success.

Facilities - if you need to have a work space for your company during the time you are in the Accelerator Program, we've got you covered. We can accommodate up to an 8-person team in one of our Founders' Suites at no cost to you. If you don't need the space, that's fine too. The only physical presence that is required is at the weekly Workshops.

Topics covered during the 12‑week program include:

  • Data security and privacy
  • Product-market fit
  • Funding strategies
  • Company culture
  • Growth hacking
  • Intellectual property
  • Business model
  • Sales and investor pitching
  • Data and social responsibility
  • and more...

BRIIA and the Global Accelerator Network

BRIIA is honored to be a member of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN). This means that our Accelerator Program meets GAN's strict criteria for serving entrepreneurs. It also means that startups accepted into our Accelerator Program can tap over $1,000,000 of GAN perks and access a global network of mentors, investors, corporate partners, and startup peers.

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Fall 2017 Accelerator Program companies

Five great companies are participating in our Fall 2017 Accelerator Program. Individually, they are creating a solution to an important problem. For disparate industries such as healthcare, logistics and construction financing, they are harnessing and harvesting valuable data, which will continue to improve their products and services. We look forward to supporting these companies as they hone their solutions, create new categories and scale their companies!

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Need more details?

See our Accelerator FAQs.

Sponsors and Partners

Our worldclass sponsors and partners get your company up and running fast.

  • NVIDIA Inception Program
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud
  • AWS Activate
  • Send Grid
  • Antero, Tormey, & Pertrin

Looking to join our next Accelerator program?

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