Datazoom launches Adaptive Video Logistics platform at NAB after closing first round of funding

Datazoom’s powerful Adaptive Video Logistics platform promises video distributors more efficient, effective, and faster data acquisition from their video players.

Las Vegas, NV — April 3, 2018Datazoom, a new startup in the online video technology space, is taking the wraps off its innovative Adaptive Video Logistics platform at the Las Vegas National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2018 show. The company has also closed its first round of funding.

As online video streaming continues to grow, so does the customization and complexity required to deliver high-quality, well-monetized viewing experiences. Only the biggest challenge isn’t getting con-tent online, it’s getting the technologies used to prepare and deliver content working together.

Video distributors know the key to solving this challenge is data. Today, companies integrate numer-ous components (SDKs) into their video players to gather data about their audience, Quality of Service, monetization, and more. But as video distributors integrate more components, sometimes up to 20, the player can become incredibly code-heavy and hard to manage. Not only does each component require different data, captured at distinct intervals, be sent to separate locations, they also don’t cap-ture data in real-time. Data can be minutes or hours old by the time a video distributor gains access. This situation makes it nearly impossible to take meaningful actions to fix viewer issues and prevent churn or abandonment.

But data, unshackled from siloed technology provider platforms, plays a bigger role in ensuring a great end-user video experience. Datazoom enables video distributors to share the data they collect through our platform with any provider. For example, a distributor could send buffering event data to the content delivery network to help improve delivery performance, data that the CDN might not have access to currently.

“Real-time data collected from the video player and shared between systems and providers is critical to the next stage in improving the video experience—automation,” says Diane Strutner, CEO and Co-Founder of Datazoom. “Our Adaptive Video Logistics platform enables video distributors to take ad-vantage of automation now, empowering them to use data beyond just analysis and reporting. They can build automated systems which enable real-time adjustments to be made across the entire video delivery chain.”

Datazoom’s Adaptive Video Logistics platform is a patent-pending SaaS offering in the online stream-ing space. With a single SDK, video distributors can collect any data they want from the video player, send it to any supported tool, in under one second. By employing the Datazoom platform, a company can not only provide a better video experience for their audience, but also improve the operational efficiency of delivering video. Companies can save hundreds of monthly man hours required to man-age multiple video player SDKs alone, while reaping the benefits of real-time data acquisition that can be used to automate responses to video player events for higher quality, better monetized streams.

Datazoom has also recently closed its first round of fundraising which it is using to operationalize the platform technology and build its team.

About Datazoom

Datazoom is a privately-held big data technology company, headquartered in New York City. Its cloud-based platform enables companies to capture data from video players and other endpoints in sub-second real-time and deliver it to whatever systems need it. For more information please visit

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