Twice a year, we have the privilege of working with a handful of founders that are building kick-ass businsesses. They take novel approaches. They use the latest AI technologies.

Check out our past graduates while we select our Fall Cohort for this day.

Why attend?

You are busy. Your inbox is full of startup ideas. Let's get to the point - BRIIA Startup Accelerator Program graduates are high-quality investment opportunities that are ready-made for your portfolio.
BRIIA companies are different. We believe that just being better is a terminal disease. We only work with companies that have what it takes to lead a category and create out-sized returns for investors.
Come for the companies, the perspective, or the coffee. But don't miss this opportunity to get involved with some awesome founders. We think you'll like what you see.

Can't attend?

This event will be livestreamed. Details coming soon.

The Details

The Roundhouse Conference Center
2600 Camino Ramon
San Ramon, CA
Meet the companies*
Keynote and company presentations
Private meetings with Founders^
* "Trade show" format. Light breakfast included.
^ Includes lunch.

What is BRIIA?

What is BRIIA?

BRIIA develops and delivers, high-quality accelerator programs for startups and corporate new product teams.
Our Startup Accelerator Program works intensely with product teams and startups at the earliest stages of product/market identification and customer alignment. Twice a year we interview more than a hundred companies to select the few that we invite to our Accelerator Cohort.
Our customizable Corporate Innovation Accelerator helps CEOs de-risk the investments they are making in unproven markets and technologies. BRIIA gives inside teams the entrepreneurial mindset they need to move fast and use data-driven decision making to conquer the unknowns.

If you know a founder or CEO that is making big bets on the future, we should talk! Call or email Les Schmidt: [email protected] 408.242.4986

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