Interactive webinar

Are you seeking answers to any of these questions:

  • How much should I raise?
  • When should I start fundraising?
  • Is venture capital right for my business?
  • Which investors should I target for this next round?
  • Is my company ready to raise "Round X"?
  • What terms should I agree to or walk away from?

If so, you've come to the right place.

No matter where you are in your fundraising journey - from "first money" to Series A - this webinar will help you succeed.

Come with your questions. Come away with answers, and more!

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Why attend

In this webinar, we provide you with the five elements of every successful fundraise, including a framework to think about what kind of capital to raise. We'll also show you a few other ways that we can support you on your journey.

As a founder, there's nothing more precious than your time. You need answers and you need them now. And you don't just need answers, you need solutions and "how tos". We get it. We are founders too. At BRIIA, we've always been focused on providing founders the best decision-making tools along with the "how to" details so you can

The founders of BRIIA bring decades of startup operating experience to the conversation. We are dedicated to helping founders like you. We help you get ready to raise the right money for your business. In our programs, we help you construct a fundraising plan that matches your target funding source. We help you build a category that is yours to define. And, finally, we help you build a pitch that resonates with investors and communicates the full value of the company you are building.

Webinar host

Les Schmidt - Executive Director and Co-founder at BRIIA

Les is a seven-time serial entrepreneur and investor. His breadth of startup and Fortune 500 experiences, his investment acumen, and his subsequent involvement as an advisor and coach for hundreds of startups form the foundation of Les' toolbox. For the past decade, he has deployed these tools in support of entrepreneurship by • co-founding BRIIA • advising/mentoring AI/ML-powered startups and entrepreneurs • angel investing • working to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs at high schools and colleges. He even spent some time nurturing the American football San Francisco 49ers into the digital age.


At BRIIA, we believe that entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of our civilization. Without innovators and company builders, the human condition would stagnate. Our comprehensive startup accelerator programs support entrepreneurs from idea to scalability. Our latest program — The Intelligent Accelerator Foundation Program — is available to any founder - no applications, no waiting. Our Advanced Programs in Healthcare AI and General Business AI prepare founders to raise capital and scale their businesses.