Every BRIIA Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator:

  • is led by a BRIIA founder and accompanied by early-stage experts
  • uses proven tools and content from BRIIA's highly-acclaimed Startup Accelerator Program
  • is tailored to the specific needs and skill levels of the company and team

Our Accelerators are offered in three configurations:

  • Immersion Program (aka Think and Build Like a Startup) - an intensive, 12-sprint, accelerated journey that propels teams from initial prototype to valuable, investable business model. Team members work alongside other founders building new businesses.
  • Build Like A Startup - Apply the Think Like A Startup content to your new product or market initiative in a sprint-based format. Gain valuable insights from mid-sprint check-ins with experienced entrepreneurs and experts.
  • Think Like a Startup - Learn how to use our startup tools and processes in your project to maximize the opportunity and de-risk the unknowns.

  Immersion Program Build Like A Startup Think Like A Startup
Ideal for Team leaders and 1-2 other key team members Whole teams Team leadership required, others optional
Ideal project status Project/product team is in early stages of defining a new product and/or target market - open to new ideas and fresh thinking Project/product is in the early stages - pre-planning through first release. Product/product teams that could benefit from an infusion of entrepreneurial thinking, tools and processes. At any time in the product lifecycle.
Duration 12 weeks 6 weeks 3 business days
AI / Data Strategy Included Included Not included
Workshops At BRIIA - San Ramon:
  • 12 Monday workshops
    (3 pm - 8:30 pm)
At your location:
  • 2-day kickoff
  • 4 - half-day sessions
    (1 per week)
  • 2-day capstone
At your location:
  • 8:30 am - 5pm
Mid-sprint Check-ins Virtual:
  • 11 - 1-hour check-ins
  • 5 - 1-hour check-ins
When offered Twice a year, generally starting in late February and late August On your schedule On your schedule

More details on each program can be found in our FAQs.

Ready to tailor a BRIIA Corporate Entrepreneurship Accelerator for your new product initiative? Email BRIIA co-founder and Executive Director Les Schmidt ([email protected]) or call us at 877-274-4246.